Andrew has been a Registered Valuer for 22 years, having worked in the Jewellery & Silversmith business since 1972. Andrew is one of around only 150 Registered Valuers in the United Kingdom who have attained the high standards laid down by the Valuation Committee of the National Association of Jewellers.


Andrew has attained the following Valuers Qualifications:

A Fellow of The Institute of Registered Valuers FIRV

A Fellow of the Jewellery Valuers Association.  FJVA

National Association of Jewellers NAJ PJDip Professional Jewellers Diploma

National Association of Jewellers NAJ PJMan Dip Professional Jewellers Management Diploma

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Our Professional Valuation Services are conducted on the premises. Providing highly detailed professional appraisals for all types of Estate Jewellery, Modern Jewellery & Antique Silverware, including appraisals for probate purposes & family division. The completed Valuation for Insurance document is accepted by all leading Insurance Companies in the UK.

The advantages for our clients when meeting us here in Hereford, is knowing their precious, sentimental items of jewellery & silver are inspected & checked for faults & problems prior to being valued. This helps negate any future problems which may have potential to arise.

Our clients are welcomed & provided with a personal ‘One to One’ consultation with Andrew to discuss the options available prior to completing the final Valuation. All items are inspected, listed & photographed using an established Taking in Procedure, the details are recorded & stored securely whilst on the premises & a numbered receipt is completed for each client. The items are insured by a specialised Insurance Policy to ensure the safe keeping of all pieces whilst in our possession.

Clients are requested to bring old receipts & other relevant documents with them after making an appointment so we can verify the items & check for any ambiguities. Most Insurance policies state that any one item of jewellery or silverware must be specified if over a certain threshold value. Please ascertain the value of the Specified Limit on any one piece on the Insurance Policy, (usually listed under Jewellery & Valuables), so we can advise you accordingly.

We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your Valuation requirements.

Andrew Lamputt FIRV FJVA PJDip PJManDip 

Institute of Registered Valuers Logo & Membership Number  Jewellery Valuers Association Logo & Membership Number

Further details about the Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV) & The Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA) are available on their websites.