Repair & Restoration Services

We undertake all types of Jewellery & Silverware repairs, restorations, alterations, re-makes, cleaning & polishing.

We offer advice, consultation, guidance, quotations & estimates on these services, before carrying out any work required.

Our services include:-

Specialist & general jewellery & silverware repairs & restoration

Specialist jewellery re-making service

Ring resizing

Rhodium plating & gilding

Gem & stone replacement, setting, polishing & cutting

Claw re-tipping & jewellery mount restoration

Pearl & bead re-stringing

Safety chain fitting


We offer advice & guidance for all types of Vintage, Antique, Traditional & Modern, New & Pre-loved jewellery requiring attention using skilled specialists using the traditional & latest CAD CAM & Laser soldering technology.

Ideally, we need to see the items to provide advice. We can then determine the necessary work involved & estimate costs more precisely once we have inspected the item in question during the consultation process with you, preferably within the shop environment.


The importance of using a skilled silversmith.

The most important skills required to undertake this type of work include, the knowledge & understanding of how the work-masters & silversmiths of the past worked & how items must be restored & repaired to their correct original condition.

The restoration & repair process begins with a thorough cleaning. All necessary repairs, the removal of dents, any splits & straightening etc. is then undertaken.

Many repairs require the removal of certain fittings such as handles & feet to make good the damage. These items are then re-fitted or silver soldered to ensure the very best restoration. The final finish is then undertaken, being sympathetic to each piece & taking care to preserve the ‘Antique Patina’ wherever possible.

Our Silversmiths possess the expert skills to work with old silverware, which is often worn & of a thinner gauge than a similar new item. They are frequently constructed from different alloys of solder & require care when being worked upon, because the joints can melt at unpredictable temperatures.

Andrew Lamputt Silversmith & Jeweller shop front

We are dedicated to producing the highest level of craftsmanship & quality, restoring our customer’s treasured heirlooms & our own stock to their original value, beauty & refinement using skilled silversmiths & goldsmiths.

We determine the necessary work involved & then estimate costs more precisely once we have inspected the item in question during the consultation process with you, preferably in the shop environment.


You are welcome to call or visit us in store & we can arrange a no obligation quote for any restoration & repair work.


A silversmith chasing silver


Years of experience & knowledge help us to provide the highest quality restoration & repair service. We can restore anything from large pieces of silverware to a pair of your favourite earrings.

 A silversmith repairing a candlestick


The restoration service is hassle free, meaning you will have your beautifully restored silverware & jewellery back in no time at all.

A silversmith polishing an item of silver

To discuss the finer details of your restoration needs, contact us with your requirements by telephone or email.

Contact information:

Telephone: 01432 274961.


Providing Choice, Quality & Service.