High Ball & Long Drink Mixer & Fitted Case

  • £79.00

A modern, silver, marrow spoon, High Ball & Long Drink Mixer & fitted case.

Hallmarked Sheffield 1973.

The Marrow Scoop was originally a variation of a spoon with a single, elongated gully for the removal of Bone Marrow. Earliest examples appeared in limited numbers in the reign of Queen Anne, & by the middle of the 18th Century the double ended type was firmly established, with a broad narrow scoop, as the present example.

Increasing prosperity during the Georgian Period enabled the Landed Gentry to extend their Family Plate, & few were so ill-equipped as to be without a single Marrow Scoop, so necessary to extract these edible morsels from the depths of the Meat bone.

Two Centuries have passed & Marrow Fat is no longer a delicacy, but a modern note has been given to their use, as Chutney Spoons or High Ball & Long Drink Mixers.

Spoon length approx. 21.8 centimetres/8.3 inches.


Ref. SSV45719c.